Ferry Like A Pro to the San Juans!

One of the most unique aspects of taking a vacation to the San Juan Islands is that you can only get here one of two ways – by air or by sea. With air travel, you book a reservation, show up at the appointed time, and the rest is taken care of. Ferry travel can […]

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Lavender is a gorgeous, versatile flower found on San Juan Island that has many uses if cared for properly!

Pruning Lavender 101!

Lavender is one of the most beloved and widely used plants in the San Juan Islands. It grows wildly all over the place, and brings a wonderful natural fragrance drifting across the wind. Nearly every store you duck into is guaranteed to carry some delight made from lavender. You can purchase cleaning products, gourmet foods […]

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A Challenge to View San Juan Island on a Deeper Level

Over the years, we’ve found that guests coming to our Friday Harbor Inns or to San Juan Island in general have a much different “agenda” than our summer visitors. Summer visitors rush to pack everything in to their limited time on the island, whereas the off-season visitors adopt a much more relaxed pace. Some come […]

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New “RoundTowner” Shuttle Service Available

The San Juan Islander reports that the “RoundTowner” Shuttle service is now available. For guests who fly in or choose to leave their car in Anacortes, or who are traveling with people who are unable to do much walking,  this is a convenient way to get around Friday Harbor. It costs only $3 per boarding, […]

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San Juan Island residents are among the most active proponents of sustainable farming, bee keeping included

Bee Colony Rescue Helps Promote Sustainable Farming on San Juan Island

Honey bees are an integral part of the deeply-rooted heritage of agriculture in the San Juan Islands. Farmers depend on these hard-working participants to bring residents and tourists alike a bountiful array of delicious and healthy fruits, vegetables, and honey every season. Beekeeping losses however, are mounting and perhaps San Juan Island residents are among […]

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Shopping, Dining and Lodging in Friday Harbor Reflects the Unique Character of the Town.

Shopping, Dining and Lodging in Friday Harbor Reflects the Unique Character of the Town.

The other day I was in the check-out line at the grocery store and overheard a conversation. The lady in front of me asked the cashier, “What other stores are you affiliated with?” The cashier responded, “King’s, on Spring Street.” “No, I mean what other big stores are you connected with?” At this point, the […]

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Hiking on San Juan Island

American Camp Trail to Town of Friday Harbor Opens

The American Camp Trail is now open to foot traffic from the town of Friday Harbor to American Camp, as reported by the Journal of the San Juans. Though parts of the span utilize the road shoulder, most is a series of interconnected pathways of gravel or grass, and private-property easements. It will take about […]

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Kayaking with Outdoor Odyssey

Cleaning Up Is (not) Hard To Do

Each summer, we have the pleasure of hosting guests who have enjoyed a multi-day kayaking adventure with Outdoor Odysseys. Tom Murphy, Outdoor Odysseys new owner shares with us how they do their part in reducing waste on these trips. We wanted to learn how a group of 12 could spend the better part of a […]

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Lizzie Lawson

With 17 rooms, suites and cottages in historic wooden buildings, we have to pick and choose which accommodations will get a “face lift” each winter. This year it’s our rugged little Log Cabin. By the time we’re finished, it will be wearing a new roof, walls, shower, wainscoting, paint, and a new name, Lizzie’s Cottage. […]

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Island Authors Works Make Thoughtful Gifts

Readers and island lovers might enjoy a gift that brings both together – a book from a San Juan Island author.

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Innkeeper Plays with Abbey Road

Eleanor Rigby has special significance for Sally Browne.  The classic Beatles tune features a cello solo, and our summer-time innkeeper, Sally, was thrilled to play the solo in her first appearance with a rock/pop band last Saturday evening at the San Juan Community Theatre. The Band was Abbey Road, a Beatles tribute band.  For their […]

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Keep Up the Great Island Cleanup

Now that we’re all spending more time outdoors with this glorious weather, let’s remember to keep up the momentum of the Great Island Clean-up. If you see litter along the road, it only takes a moment to pick it up. Pack your picnic meal in reusable containers. Bring your reusable shopping bags. Once you put […]

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Feather Top Mattress Wins Favor at Friday Harbor Inn

Thank you for the follow up!  We loved our stay in the Friday Harbor Suite!  The only downside is that we had only planned to be there one night!  We know for the future and next time will plan to stay a bit longer!  What a lovely place!  We felt very at home and a […]

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Fresh From the Comb Honey on San Juan Island

No doubt you’ve heard that saying, “Make hay while the sun shines.”  Here on San Juan Isl and we can add “Make HONEY while the sun shines.”  The marine climate here is just cool enough to keep the flower nectar from flowing easily, so poor little honey bees have a very short window in which […]

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Hand-Crafted Furniture at Friday Harbor Inns

If you have a have a chance to start really poking around this island and learning more about the residents, you’ll be struck by the creative aura that pervades.  True, some might view these artistic people as a bit quirky, but the things they create are amazing.  Just being around so many lateral thinkers makes […]

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Bicycle Adventures on San Juan Island

World-renowned cycling operators annually sponsor cycling adventures around the islands.  In fact, “Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2010” ranked the San Juan Islands on its list of “World’s Top 10 Cycling Routes” and both Harrison House Suites and Tucker House Inn play host to these energetic gatherings.  But you don’t have to join a cycling […]

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San Juan Island Living

Visitors come to San Juan Island for its overwhelming beauty and often wonder what it’s like to actually live here.  You can get a hint of what the community is like when driving along the roads exiting the town of Friday Harbor and out to other parts of the island. Watch for yellow signs with […]

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San Juan Island Lodging, Washington – Harrison House Suites

Spring came a bit late, but we are enjoying some beautiful weather. The flower gardens at the Harrison House Suites are at their peak. Shaylynn, one of our innkeepers whom you will meet when you visit has taken these beautiful pictures. Here is a picture perfect Camilia that graces the Garden Path between the two […]

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Vacation Destinations San Juan Island Washington

Here are a few pictures sent today from our whale watching buddies, Bill and Colleen, at San Juan Safaris. Dave and I are pictured visiting with their llamas…the dark brown one in the background is Montana. We so enjoy the rare occasion when we can drive out to the ‘country’ of the Island to hang […]

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Innkeeper Jammin'

San Juan Islands WA; Friday Harbor Lodging

  Community Jam Innkeepers don’t get out much during summer and sometimes even during the winter. But here we are – all four of us – away from the Inn together! I remember our first four winters after we moved to the Island. We never saw the light of day. We were always working – […]

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