Pruning Lavender 101!


LavenderLavender is one of the most beloved and widely used plants in the San Juan Islands. It grows wildly all over the place, and brings a wonderful natural fragrance drifting across the wind. Nearly every store you duck into is guaranteed to carry some delight made from lavender. You can purchase cleaning products, gourmet foods like sauces and jams, even comforting stuffed orcas infused with lavender to soothe your little ones to sleep!

 Our favorite resource for all things lavender is, of course, the Pelindaba Lavender farm here on San Juan Island! Pelindaba suggests using clippers or scissors to “cut the flower stalks mobile gambling down to within two leaf nodes above the grey/brown woody part of the stem (leaving approximately 2-3 inches of green stalk).”

Be sure to follow these instructions; the lavender can grow too large to easily care for if not cut far enough down. On the other hand, cutting down too far can drastically shorten the lifespan of the plant. Precision is important with such a delicate flower!

The care is certainly worth it, as lavender is both beautiful and functional. It can be used as an antiseptic, insect repellant, sedative, and cleaning solvent, just to name a few! We love using it as much as we can at the inns!

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