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Visitors come to San Juan Island for its overwhelming beauty and often wonder what it’s like to actually live here.  You can get a hint of what the community is like when driving along the roads exiting the town of Friday Harbor and out to other parts of the island.

Watch for yellow signs with a green triangle and red thumb along the side of the road.  This designates a RIDESHARE stop, similar to a bus stop, where pedestrians and drivers can connect.  People on foot needing a ride can be easily seen, drivers who want to help their neighbors and the environment can pull over safely.  Both passenger and driver support more sustainable living and build connections with islanders.

Where else but a small island like this can you get away with hitchhiking now-a-days?  Of course, everyone participating needs to use reasonable judgement, and you can always choose not to offer or accept a ride, but in the years I’ve lived here, I’ve never heard of any problems with this program.  I’ve picked up kids, adults, adults with big dogs, and in turn have been picked up myself.  It’s a wonderful way to meet other islanders and it just feels good to know I’m doing just a little bit to help cut down on emissions by not bringing my own car and doubling up with someone else.  After all, it’s all these little things we do that add up to the big differences in life.


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