Step Into The New Living Room at Tucker House

The living room of Tucker House, post-water heater madness!

The living room of Tucker House, post-water heater madness!

Another winter makeover is complete! Historical buildings, while lovely, can often be a headache when it comes to their inner workings – especially plumbing! Not long ago, the water heater in the upper building of Tucker House decided it was done, and what resulted was a lot of water damage.

In order to repair it, we had to rip out the ceiling. When we took that out, we found a lathe and plaster ceiling underneath it.  We thought we could raise the entire ceiling by a foot, but unfortunately, a beam running down the middle of the living room prevented doing that simply.

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We could raise half the ceiling, but the rest had to stay the same height. We decided to move around the electric boxes, which offers better lighting for the room. We also opened the window to the kitchen while reinforcing some sketchy beams from previous renovations.

In the end, we finished the ceiling to look like the new one in Victoria’s Flower Garden, which we also raised, and had a lathe and plaster finish. Erin also repainted the living room for us, and now it’s even better than before, with a much more open look. We look forward to showing you around during your next stay with us!
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