Weddings at the Inns Bring Pause for Reflection on the Growth of this Perfectly-Situated Friday Harbor B&B.

Weddings at the Inns bring pause for reflection on the growth of this perfectly-situated Friday Harbor B&B.

Anna Maria’s temporary business office during the Harrison House Suites kitchen renovation in 2005.

There is a well-orchestrated wedding scheduled at the Inns this weekend. In fact, we are hosting a number of weddings at the Inns this summer. Boxes have been arriving almost daily: party rentals, decorations, gifts, gowns, specialty foods and more.

You may have noticed that almost every square inch of these historic homes is fully utilized, so we have virtually NO storage space for all this influx. Our once-spacious business office now pulls double duty as a storage and staging area.

The business office normally houses four desks and chairs, a large work table, two printer consoles, five file cabinets, an office supplies shelving unit, banks of previous years records, and two massive pieces of furniture that won’t fit in any of the suites or guest rooms.

Sounds like a lot, huh? Well, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” Now it has stacks and stacks of boxes that create walls and tunnels, almost like a maze. Fortunately, we all know it’s only a temporary state, and even as it is, it’s a far better solution than where we were crammed in the past.

Weddings at the Inns bring pause for reflection on the growth of this perfectly-situated Friday Harbor B&B.

The Garden Room Cafe back to its original purpose after kitchen renovation in 2005.

For several years, Anna Maria and Stephanie worked out of the Upper Tucker House in the room that is now our Reception Area. They still had all the shelves, file cabinets, and lots of boxes, and were practically on top of each other. Anna Maria had been working here since she and Dave purchased the Tucker House in 2006; she had to clear space for another body when Stephanie came on board in 2010.

Prior to then, the “business office” was simply that tiny antique desk that’s in the Harrison House Garden Room Café, between the café and the kitchen. When they decided to renovate the Harrison House kitchen, Anna Maria had to move to the café itself, and all guests had to dine in their rooms on breakfast trays for a while. Fortunately, that was only for four months in 2005.

If we stop and take a moment to look back at all the changes we’ve implemented at the Inns throughout the years, we cannot help but marvel at how far we’ve come. The consistently generous words of thanks and gracious reviews from our guests on Trip Advisor and are the “pat on the back” that we strive for, and proof that we’re hitting the mark, almost every time. To steal a phrase from that old commercial, “You’ve come a long way, baby!”


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