Meet Our Team

Keepers of the Collection ~ Dave & Anna Maria

Anna Maria and Dave moved to the Island 15 years ago from the East Coast to pursue their dream of living quaint, quiet, relaxing lives as B&B owners- passionate about diving. Well, if you know Anna Maria, you know she is our little energizer bunny.

What began as one inn, turned into two and then a restaurant and THEN a catering and special events service!

In a past life, Dave was a software engineer and Anna Maria worked in public broadcasting and was a flutist. Their love of food, wine, and hospitality is what drove them to take on the Inns and the Coho Restaurant. Since being on the Island, Anna Maria has developed a passion for Pilates as well. Meanwhile, when Dave isn’t down at the restaurant or running errands for the Inns, he is renovating their home!


The Inn-Ovators ~ Patrick & Shelley

This creative couple joined our team in March of 2018. They return to the beautiful Pacific Northwest after a stint as nomads. We are excited to welcome a new four-legged friend onto our team as well, their adventurous dog, Iggy!

Patrick and Shelley met while working at Spokane Public Radio, where Patrick spent over 20 years as production director and an audio producer and Shelley was hired as the marketing manager. And well, the rest is history! The creative couple was married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony — which Shelley designed and catered herself! Prior to their arrival in Friday Harbor in March, they managed a historic bed & breakfast in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, as well as a luxury bed & breakfast in Taos, New Mexico.

Between them, the Klausens have traversed much of North America, while spending some time in Belize, Panama, South Korea, Thailand, Europe, Hawaii, and Canada. Their greatest memories are of shared experiences with fellow travelers from across the breakfast table, in cooking classes, music jams, or over a choice beverage at a local hangout.

Shelley’s strong design aesthetic, love of entertaining, cooking, and event planning drew her to the world of innkeeping. Along with Patrick’s casual style, helpful nature, and attention to the smallest of details, the pair works together to create exceptional experiences and memories that will last a lifetime — You may even catch Patrick playing music on a summer night in the property’s garden courtyard!

The Klausen’s take great pride in making your individualized stay unique and memorable. Please let them know of special requests and how they can make your stay at the San Juan Island Inn Collection the best it can be.


“Dogrector” of Pet Relations ~ Iggy

Four year old Iggy became the San Juan Island Inn Collection’s new “Dogrector” of Pet Relations in March 2018. He takes his job very seriously as you will see in his intense blue eyes. Iggy has enjoyed a life getting to know pets and their people while on his journey throughout the country. When he’s asked, “What breed are you?” He answers, “I didn’t know my parents, but probably Black-Mouthed Cur mixed with a little Husky.”  He especially enjoys sneaked treats, kisses, and singing around the campfire.  Iggy is happy to share his favorite island outings with four-legged guests, so be sure to catch him if you see him around the property!


Guest Relations Coordinator ~ Meg

Meg and her family relocated to San Juan Island in the fall of 2018. She likes to say,
“We traded big sky life for island life!” You may have met her daughter, Emma, if you dine at Coho Restaurant. When she is not at the Inn, Meg and her partner can be found strolling the beaches with their big furry dogs, Larkin and Bear. She is also an artist who specializes in plush sculptures designed to uplift and connect the spirit. During you visit, you may just spot her at a local festival selling her creations. 

As guest relations coordinator for the San Juan Island Inn Collection, Meg enjoys meeting new guests and helping them make the most of their time. She thoroughly enjoys music, the arts, and nature. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with visitors – so be sure to pull her aside for some first-hand knowledge about all our beautiful island has to offer.


Ms. Behind the Scenes ~ Lindsey

The youngest of our team is our Digital Media coordinator, who joined us this past September all the way from Atlanta! Lindsey graduated from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) with degrees in Video Production and Español.

When she isn’t checking-in guests, updating our websites, or filming an event video, you can most likely find her photographing the island sunset, playing her guitar, or petting stray cats on the marina. Lindsey’s dream is to one day start her own production company where she can produce and direct feature-length documentaries that shed light on issues of social justice. Traveling is also a huge passion of Lindsey’s- she has visited 10 countries in the past 15 months — with many more on her list!



Our Culinary Architect ~ Jessica

Jessica has been cooking ever since she could walk! When she was 18 and had her first job, naturally it had to be one where she could cook. Since then, she has attended a 2-year vegetarian and vegan culinary arts program.

Her passion includes providing individuals with healthy, tasty vegetarian and vegan options. Rest assured if you have any dietary preferences, Jessica will be able to construct a fabulous breakfast for you. On her days off she spends ample time with her parents and sister discovering all the Islands have to offer. She has traveled to 11 different countries. Three of her trips were doing mission work and one was to spend a year in Italy going to school. To relax, she snuggles up with her cat, Wesley, and escapes into the pages of a good novel.


Your Housekeeping Perfectionist ~ Elsa

Elsa has been the Head Housekeeper at the Inns for 12 years! If you want to know any of its secrets, she is the one to ask. And she absolutely loves it here because it is so family-oriented and she enjoys serving people. Her goal is to make as many guests happy as she can. Elsa has lived on the Island for 16 years raising her 5 children.

She loves when her daughter comes home from college and they get to spend family time together. She is also a fan of margaritas and Pitbull! You’ll catch her dancing around the property listening to her music. When her kids are old enough, she wants to return to her home in Mexico near Puerta Vallarta with her husband.


The Superheroes of Spotlessness ~ Maria, Maribel & Rosa

Our team of Housekeepers are phenomenal! We would not be able to function at a satisfactory level if it wasn’t for their efficiency and skills. They are hardworking and you will never ever hear them complain despite the number of dust bunnies they’ve seen! If you ever see these women working together, you can tell they truly are a team. You can hear their laughter spread throughout the property.


Maria moved to the San Juan Island from California with her husband about seven years ago. She has been part of our team for three of those years. She is also from Michoacan, Mexico. Maria loves family time. When she is not at the inns she is creating memories with her four children and three grandchildren. Maria is known for her patience, attention to detail, and composed demeanor.


Maribel is the newest member of the Superheroes of Spotlessness. She joined the team about a year ago and has been a marvelous addition. Maribel also loves spending time with her family. She has two girls here and three young adult children in her home town of Guatemala. Her and her husband have been on the Island for seven years now.


Rosa has been part of the team for 6 years. When she is not housekeeping, she is helping Anna Maria with her catering events. Originally from Michoacan, Mexico, Rosa brings authentic Mexican food for our team parties. And when Rosa cooks, you don’t miss it! You’d never know by looking at her, but Rosa has three grandchildren! She gets to visit them and her daughter regularly in Idaho. When you see Rosa around the property she will always be smiling. She brings positive energy to our team each and every day.


Mr. Fix It ~ Civ

Holy moly. Civ has done it all and can do ANYTHING. From running a corporation to owning his own business, he can not only fix anything in your house, but he also fixes cars! Although he has lived on the Island for the past 16 years, he has been all over the world. His favorite was the time he spent in the Philippines. Civ spends his days working to support his daughter going to college in California. Then his evenings are spent at home helping his 10 year old son with his homework. And when the work and homework is done, play time for them is spending time together building all sorts of things.